A Medical Dispatch for Well Beings

The Future of Health in a Post-COVID, Data-Driven World

As we head out of the COVID pandemic, we’re taking with us many lessons about how to improve healthcare, chief among them the role of data. In a conversation with Edward Marshall, Global Head of the Dentons Family Office, and Dr. Christopher Sidford, a board-certified physician in emergency medicine, Dr. Jordan Shlain breaks down the new technology and insights we are moving forward with. This piece has been adapted from the Family Office Intel podcast.

Navigating Decision Challenges Post-COVID

Settling back into pre-pandemic life doesn’t come without its challenges. There is still a lot of anxiety and uncertainty around mitigation measures, variants, and returning to social life — and some of these changes may be for the better. Four Private Medical doctors — internist Dr. Sara Bunting, and pediatricians Dr. Sarah Greene, Dr. Kelly Fradin, and Dr. Kellen Glinder — discuss a thoughtful approach to reopening.

What Is Real Food?

In every issue, we interview experts from the Private Medical community, exploring the latest insights and questions about our everyday health. This month, we speak with Dr. Robert Lustig, an endocrinologist and the author of Metabolical, who’s looking at the ways ultra-processed foods affect our overall health and how to reset our thinking about what’s healthy.

Pediatrics: The Food-Mood Connection

Private Medical New York-based pediatrician Dr. Kelly Fradin is joined by Dr. Uma Naidoo, a nutritional psychiatrist and author of This Is Your Brain on Food, to explore how food can affect our overall mental health. The doctors discuss “feeding your bugs,” why breakfast for dinner can help with sleep, and how food labels can easily trick us.