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The RSV Vaccine, COVID Boosters, and More to Look Out for This Fall

Our infectious disease expert, Dr. Geemee Chung, on what to be aware of this fall.

What Every Woman Should Know Before Menopause

Our understanding of perimenopause and menopause care has drastically changed in the last 20 years. Now, women are encouraged to look out for a wide array of symptoms, with potential treatment starting as many as 10 years out from menopause. Our women’s health team Dr. Sarah Isquick and Dr. Sally Greenwald are joined by primary care doctors Dr. Amy Levin, Dr. Colleen Ryan, and Dr. Leila Alpers to outline how our scientific understanding of this time of life has changed and what every woman should know before they enter perimenopause.

Achieving Optimal Sleep Is About Trusting an Intuitive Process

Increasingly, the quality of one’s sleep is shown to be a biomarker for other health issues. Just like a body temperature, blood pressure, or respiratory rate that’s too high or too low, not getting enough or getting too much sleep can indicate or lead to other health effects. As a result of these findings, people have more awareness around the importance of sleep. Here, sleep medicine specialists Dr. Tony Masri and Dr. Britney Blair discuss how to achieve optimal sleep, including the use case for sleep aids, the effects of sex and alcohol, and embracing your own circadian rhythm.

Dr. Leslie Sheu

Meet one of our Silicon Valley internists.

AI Should Be Treated as a Power Tool

Parenting in the age of AI is a new frontier, but the truth is, AI is nothing new. If we reframe our understanding of it as any other power tool we need to teach our kids how to use — for example, teaching them to drive a car — we can create a healthier space in which to learn how to positively use this generative technology in the classroom and beyond. Pediatrician Dr. Sarah Greene explores how to confront AI and back-to-school with the founder and co-director of Boston Children’s Digital Wellness Lab, Dr. Michael Rich.

Meet Our Nurses

Get to know four of our registered nurses across our offices.

The Wellness Field Is Using AI to Optimize Nutrition, Fitness, and More

Dr. Natalie Walsh discusses AI’s potential applications in lifestyle medicine.

Navigating the Microbiome for Optimal Gut Health and More

Each edition of our newsletter features exclusive interviews with experts from the Private Medical community, providing valuable insights and answers to our pressing health questions. Last season on our podcast, we spoke with Raja Dhir, co-founder and co-CEO of Seed Health, a microbiome science company. Dhir dove into the emerging data about the microbiome that could impact preventative medicine, the parallels between the guts of infants and centenarians, and the benefits of having a diverse diet.

Tune into his conversation with Private Medical’s Dr. Natalie Walsh and Dr. Jordan Shlain on the Inside Medicine podcast, or read a summary of the discussion below.

Mid-Summer Infections to Stay Aware Of

Our infectious disease expert, Dr. Geemee Chung, shares the most recent vaccine guidance.

AI Is Here — How Will it Impact Medicine?

Doctors on our Innovation Council discuss where AI can add value in medicine in the next six months and beyond.