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Vaccines for Kids Under 5

At last, a COVID vaccine for children less than 5 years of age is on the horizon. Over the past few weeks both Pfizer and Moderna have released preliminary data that supports a safe and effective vaccine for this age group, starting at 6 months old. Dr. Hela Barhoush details what we know so far.

Get Smart on Green Exercise

Whether it’s something you intuitively do, or something you consciously schedule, exercising outdoors has many benefits. Dr. Erika Drazan explores the well-studied mental, emotional, and physical advantages of moving in nature.

Vaccinating Our Children

Dr. Erika Drazan on the long-awaited pediatric COVID vaccine.

What Does Longevity Mean for Child Health?

Dr. Kellen Glinder on balancing the freedom of childhood with the long-term goals of raising a healthy child.