Why did you choose to become a doctor?
My father was a community OBGYN with a lot of passion about his field and patients. After realizing none of my older siblings were going to pursue medicine, I grew up with “subtle” encouragement to become a doctor. This included trips to the hospital with my dad to watch him deliver babies… at the age of 13. Suffice it to say, I ran in the opposite direction.

Toward the end of college, I went through some unexpected personal health issues, for which I spent time under the care of amazingly compassionate nurses and doctors. Experiencing medicine from this perspective led me to confidently make the decision to become a doctor.

What’s a memory from your residency that really impacted you?

I went to a residency program that treated many international pediatric oncology patients who couldn’t get the care they needed in their home countries. I’ll never forget one of my first patient encounters with a young Ghanaian child with a bone tumor. I spent three years growing very close with her and her mother, who left their home to an unknown territory for her care. My relationship with them taught me that one of the most impactful aspects of being a pediatrician is simply providing human connection and emotional support.

Okay, rapid-fire time… You have 10 seconds to advise someone on how to stay healthy – go!
In the pediatric world, I’d focus on parents – practice self care, eat well, sleep well, take breaks. Mentally and physically healthy parents allow for happy, well-adjusted children.

Why are you excited to join Private Medical?

It’s amazing and unique to be able to practice medicine without the constraints of the healthcare system.