Our Story

A note from our founder.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete

– Buckminster Fuller

The two biggest influences in my life were my parents: My father was the chief of laparoscopic surgery with an optimistic, fix-it attitude.  His patients loved him, and his success rate was impeccable. My mother is a Ph.D. in psychology who focuses on fixing relationships and talking through life’s most uncomfortable situations.

After my residency training in internal medicine, I spent one year in the insurance-based healthcare system.  I was disappointed.  The health insurance system didn’t care much about patients and doctors, and they kept speeding up the treadmill – less time for my patients and me. Fed up, I quit the system and endeavored to build a new one – from scratch.

In 1998 I started a 24/7 house-call practice catering to five-star hotels in San Francisco with my pediatric partner, Dr. Yan Chin. Over the next few years, we were given a crash course by leading hotel concierges on the importance of authentic hospitality. 

In 2002, we designed the first family-oriented, membership-based medical practices that combined evidence, empathy, and a curated list of medical specialists.  Private Medical was born from a genuine desire to build a new model using our medical expertise, the best of what the hospitality industry had to teach us, and eliminating perverse financial incentives.

Today, Private Medical has six office locations in the United States, a network of over 30 renowned medical centers, and over 4,000 medical specialists and experts globally.  

Our team of over 135 physicians, nurses, medical concierge, and support staff work passionately to provide a full-service, five-star medical service emphasizing prevention, proactivity, and excellent health outcomes.  Being conceived near the heart of Silicon Valley, we are tech-savvy and embrace safe, effective medical innovation.

Private Medical has earned the trust and confidence of more than 900 families, who have entrusted us with their most valuable asset – their health.

Our North Star is to bring humanity, science, and our proactive methodology to the art of medicine.


Jordan L. Shlain, MD