It takes a village—
and we are part of yours

Private Medical pediatricians provide the most
personal and comprehensive care in medicine

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Setting the gold standard in health and medicine

Since 2002, Private Medical has been building a system of connections, collaboration and communication. We put your family at the core of that system. Every one of our physicians has trained and practiced at the world’s top institutions, and has extensive experience in all aspects of care. Since medicine is always changing, our pediatricians stay current on the most recent research and data, and we continually grow our relationships with leading children’s hospitals and specialists locally and nationally.


Care built on compassion and understanding

Every child is unique. That’s why we believe human connectivity should be a central component of your child’s medical care. Guided by both intellectual and emotional intelligence, our physicians combine their esteemed expertise with underlying empathy. Limited patient panels allow our pediatricians to give unlimited time for conversations with both parents and children, maximizing our ability to get to know you and the values of your family.


Care that’s always with you - wherever you go

Your child’s care starts at our office, but certainly doesn’t end there. Private Medical pediatricians are available 24/7 via call, text, email or video chat. While the world may have only just been introduced to telehealth, we’ve been doing it for 20 years. We also offer house calls for new babies and as needed throughout childhood. Away on travel? Our exclusive Pharmacy Kits are curated specifically to your family’s needs including prescription and OTC medications, as well as self-administered diagnostics— helping you avoid inconvenient trips to a pharmacy.


Care that’s proactive, personal and continuous

At Private Medical, we treat your child’s past and present, and plan for their healthy future. In-person exams include detailed reports, milestones and action items to promote ongoing health and happiness. Our naturopathic doctors integrate evidence-based natural and lifestyle medicine to guide nutrition, exercise, and daily healthy habits. Whether care starts before birth or any age after, our dedicated pediatricians nurture an organic relationship, becoming trusted resources for you and your child.

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