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Volume 5, Number 5 | September 2023

AI Should Be Treated as a Power Tool

Parenting in the age of AI is a new frontier, but the truth is, AI is nothing new. If we reframe our understanding of it as any other power tool we need to teach our kids how to use — for example, teaching them to drive a car — we can create a healthier space in which to learn how to positively use this generative technology in the classroom and beyond. Pediatrician Dr. Sarah Greene explores how to confront AI and back-to-school with the founder and co-director of Boston Children’s Digital Wellness Lab, Dr. Michael Rich.

Volume 5, Number 3 | May 2023

The Truth About Weight Loss Drugs

Each edition of our newsletter features exclusive interviews with experts from the Private Medical community, providing valuable insights and answers to our pressing health questions. This month, we are privileged to speak with Dr. Michelle Cardel, a distinguished obesity and nutrition scientist, registered dietitian, and the Head of Clinical Research & Nutrition at WeightWatchers.

Dr. Cardel delves into various misconceptions about weight loss, shedding light on the truth behind GLP-1 inhibitors, which are commonly marketed under brand names such as Ozempic, Wegovy, and Mounjaro. She also shares her expertise on the science of lifestyle change, the importance of addressing weight and health with our children, and the challenges of sustaining weight loss.

Tune in to her insightful conversation with Private Medical’s Dr. Natalie Walsh and Dr. Tatiana Ivan on the Inside Medicine podcast, or read a summary of the discussion below.

Volume 5, Number 2 | March 2023

The Truth About Drug and Product Safety Lies in Independent Testing

In every issue, we interview experts from the Private Medical community, exploring the latest insights and questions about our everyday health. This month, we speak with David Light, founder and CEO of Valisure. Started with the goal of investigating batch variability in pharmaceuticals, the independent lab has found carcinogens in brand name drugs like Zantac, aerosols like antiperspirants and dry shampoo, and other everyday products.

In this interview, he discusses how medications and products are made, how and if they are tested along the supply chain, and the role of the FDA. Furthermore, he will illuminate how to be a smarter consumer as it pertains to your health. Listen to his conversation with Private Medical’s Dr. Jordan Shlain and Dr. Hela Barhoush on the Inside Medicine podcast, or read an adaptation below.

Volume 5, Number 1 | January 2023

Good Cognitive Nutrition Starts Young

If kids aren’t ready for the technology they’re accessing, what do we do as parents? This is the question we asked at our November event with Common Sense Media, an outlet that provides age-based media ratings for everything kids might consume online. Editor in Chief Jill Murphy and Vice President of Outreach and National Partnerships Merve Lapus discussed how parents can be more than just rule-makers, but effective guides in raising their kids to be as kind and conscientious online as they want them to be offline. Read on for a recap of their conversation.

Volume 4, Number 6 | December 2022

Can Precision Medicine Incite the Revolution That Healthcare Is Looking For?

We have long been hearing about a future in which technology and data will deliver experiences that are tailored to who we are along with our needs and desires. In the world of consumer goods, this personalization trend has decidedly taken shape. Today, everything from sneakers to advertisements are being customized at scale. When it […]

Volume 4, Number 5 | October 2022

What the Evidence Says About Longevity

The field of longevity medicine is just beginning to get its footing in science. Like any nascent and exciting field, there will be people who go all-in on the hype cycle – but it is important to reflect on the fact that, at the present moment, we are at the peak of inflated expectations. The promise […]

Volume 4, Number 3 | June 2022

Vaccines for Kids Under 5

At last, a COVID vaccine for children less than 5 years of age is on the horizon. Over the past few weeks both Pfizer and Moderna have released preliminary data that supports a safe and effective vaccine for this age group, starting at 6 months old. Dr. Hela Barhoush details what we know so far.

Volume 4, Number 2 | April 2022

Psychedelics Make a Comeback

Clinical trials and novel treatments using psychedelics – what Private Medical is calling neurotherapeutics – have promising effects in treating depression, anxiety, substance use disorders, and more.

Volume 3, Number 9 | November 2021

What Is the Future of Longevity?

Dr. Jordan Shlain takes a look at what we know and don’t know about the science of longevity, diving into the claims that modern-day marketers are making about aging.

Volume 3, Number 6 | June 2021

The Future of Health in a Post-COVID, Data-Driven World

As we head out of the COVID pandemic, we’re taking with us many lessons about how to improve healthcare, chief among them the role of data. In a conversation with Edward Marshall, Global Head of the Dentons Family Office, and Dr. Christopher Sidford, a board-certified physician in emergency medicine, Dr. Jordan Shlain breaks down the new technology and insights we are moving forward with. This piece has been adapted from the Family Office Intel podcast.