A Medical Dispatch for Well Beings

Volume 4, Number 3 | June 2022

Vaccines for Kids Under 5

At last, a COVID vaccine for children less than 5 years of age is on the horizon. Over the past few weeks both Pfizer and Moderna have released preliminary data that supports a safe and effective vaccine for this age group, starting at 6 months old. Dr. Hela Barhoush details what we know so far.

Inside Medicine Podcast

Unpacking Longevity: Engineering Brain Health, From Sleep to Neuroplasticity

Private Medical physicians Dr. Jordan Shlain, Dr. Natalie Walsh, and Dr. Hadi Halazun are joined by Dr. Amy Kruse, general partner of Prime Movers Lab, where she leads their life sciences investments. They discuss what constitutes good sleep hygiene, how to engineer our sleep as we age, and the new neuroscience therapeutics toolkit that taps into our more recent understanding of neuroplasticity and networks in the brain.

Infectious Disease Update

COVID Snapshot

Private Medical practices evidence-based medicine. We filter out the misinformation to assure you’re getting the most accurate, science-driven updates. Here’s what you need to know this month.

Dr. Nima Afshar

Get to know our newest San Francisco-based physician.