Dr. Sheu with her husband Joe and daughter Phoebe (4) biking in Golden Gate Park last fall.

Why did you choose to become a doctor?
My dad is a computer engineer, my mom is a retired accountant. Growing up, none of my extended family were in healthcare. But I remember deciding I wanted to be a doctor when I was in fifth grade. My mom suddenly flew back to Taiwan because her dad (my grandfather) had suffered from a major stroke and was in the hospital (he ended up passing away, and my mom was able to be at his bedside). It was hard for me when my mom was away, and witnessing her sadness when she returned led me on a philosophical journey about the meaning of life. What my mom told me then has stuck with me as my true north – the meaning of life is to be happy and help others be happy. I thought that being a doctor would be the best and most direct way to do this.

What’s a memory from your years in practice that has stayed with you?
In my first year out of residency, in addition to primary care, I also attended in the hospital. During my first inpatient stretch, I cared for a patient who happened to be my primary care patient. He was admitted for a bowel perforation, needed emergency surgery, and ended up being diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. In that vulnerable moment, there was something really special, both for him and for me, about being able to be there for him and see him transition both in and out of the hospital setting.

As I reflect on this memory, it makes me realize why I love being a physician at Private Medical. We really get to be a part of a patient’s entire medical journey.

You have 10 seconds to advise someone on how to stay healthy – go!
Prioritize taking care of yourself. Sometimes, life (work, family, etc.) can get so busy that it’s easy to forget self-care. Remember to hydrate, eat healthily, exercise, sleep well, and nurture the relationships that are important to you!