Why did you choose to become a doctor?
I’m a child of immigrants from the continent of Asia (Iran, in my case) and my dad is a doctor. My destiny was never in question.

Any book recommendations you want to share?
Ever since college, when physics opened my eyes to the power of ultimate explanations of our universe, I’ve been a lover of big science, big history, etc. So my favorite books are ones like Origin Story; Guns, Germs, & SteelSapiens; and almost anything by Thomas Friedman.

My favorite audiobook is Story of the World, a terrific four-volume series that presents world history in story form for children…which means it’s also great for adults. Some of the most memorable stories include: nomads eating bug soup and taking a first bath in the Euphrates, Leizu discovering silk in her tea, Ashok staring at the carnage of a battlefield and forsaking violence, and Alexander taming Bucephalus and slashing the Gordian knot. For years I would play this series for my kids on road trips.

Why are you excited to join Private Medical?
Brilliant doctors, awesome nurses, and fabulous PCCs and staff. I am intellectually stimulated all the time. I also get to joke around, talk sports (finals are 1-1 right now — nervous time!), and sometimes even sing on occasion with my the PM crew! Of course, I have the privilege of caring for interesting, engaged, and appreciative patients. I have the time to really learn their stories and then embark on a journey with them. I also love being a doctor 24/7. It’s so cool to be there for people.