Why did you choose to become a doctor?
I had a natural curiosity for medicine from the beginning. I was driven towards anatomy and the sciences early on in school and my interest solidified throughout the years. In high school I volunteered at a children’s hospital and was able to connect with pediatric patients and their families on a very deep level. I met their families and learned how illness impacted all aspects of their lives. I felt I could help the most by keeping families healthy.

What’s one of your craziest memories from your residency?
I was an intern in my second month of my OB rotation at San Francisco General Hospital. There was a power outage that lasted five hours before the generators kicked in and all the women seemed to go into labor at once. Of course it was the night shift – we had to deliver by flashlight. Everyone buckled down. Teamwork was essential, communication was essential. In the end, all the patients delivered happy and healthy babies and we were able to keep everyone well. You could say I like to work under pressure!

You have 10 seconds to advise someone on how to stay healthy – go!
Eat the rainbow, avoid processed foods, and move your body.

If you could achieve one medical breakthrough, what would it be?
From a primary care perspective, I would like to find more ways to adequately detect and treat mental illness. Depression and anxiety are so common, and still very under-diagnosed and under-treated. These affect people’s lives 24 hours a day – even people who are fully functioning can still be silently suffering. A more holistic approach that encompasses wellness, lifestyle, nutrition, mental health therapy, and medications when necessary should be the standard and, as studies have shown, would vastly improve all health outcomes.

Why are you excited to join Private Medical?
I’m being given the gift of time. I’m most excited to now have the time to get to know my patients on a deeper level – really partnering with them and my team to move towards their health goals more efficiently.