Executive Summary

Private Medical is a Full-Service, Family Office for Health.

Established in 2002, we are a privately held, referral-based practice that provides comprehensive, evidence-based care to members in New York, Miami, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

Our practice consists of more than 140 dedicated, full-time physicians, nurses, and support staff, all of whom have been trained by the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Service methodology. To ensure our commitment to quality and access, we limit the number of patients per physician-led team, enabling a deep partnership and understanding of both your specific health needs and the core values of your family.

Our pediatric and adult physicians work in concert with our Women’s Health and Natural Medicine doctors to focus on long-term well-being. All members receive a data-driven, personalized Strategic Medical Plan with a blueprint of appointments, testing, and procedures for the upcoming year. In addition, we provide all of the administrative support to efficiently implement this plan.

Private Medical proactively manages all aspects of health.  We emphasize proactive prevention and excel at diagnosis, treatment, and recovery of urgent and emergent concerns – locally and anywhere around the world. Our network of experts consists of well-established, preferred relationships with renowned academic medical centers and access to physicians in more than 200 cities around the globe. We provide each member with worldwide medical jet evacuation service and a personalized Medical Pharmacy for home or travel, complete with diagnostic tools and medications to avoid inconvenient trips to a pharmacy.

All our members must carry a commercial insurance policy, yet the financial complexity of the healthcare industry should never be an obstacle to health. Our billing service partner eases the burden of dealing with medical bills, and works to ensure that health insurance covers the costs of all lab, pharmacy, hospital, radiology, and specialist care.

At Private Medical, we manage your health assets the way an investment professional manages your financial assets. With considered understanding of your risk tolerance, we work with you to meet your ultimate health goals. We exist to inspire health and well-being, to enrich the lives of each of our members, and to provide individuals and families peace of mind by delivering unparalleled guidance, expertise, and care.

Importantly, we do not profit from, nor have any financial relationship with, any provider, test, supplement, or procedure that we recommend. We are 100% independent, strictly confidential, and consciously discreet.

Please reach out to our director of membership, Charisse Fazzari to set up an interview.

Member Services


Physician-led Teams

We provide you with a personalized adult or pediatric physician, supported by a care team, who is responsible for your health. Your physician is available via text, phone, and email. Our doctors care for you in our office, in the hospital, and in your home. In addition to providing care locally, we provide assistance and oversight while traveling.


Women’s Health

Private Medical gynecologist is available to members of all ages for individual care, counseling, and education. Our Women’s Health program provides personalized counsel on menstruation, fertility, sexual health, hormone management, and anything else that may impact a woman’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


Natural and Lifestyle Medicine

Natural and Lifestyle Medicine focuses on health and wellness, integrating care from diverse disciplines of evidence-based natural medicine. Our Naturopathic doctor works directly with members in California and closely with our physicians in New York and Florida on lifestyle interventions, clinical nutrition, supplement management, and botanical medicine recommendations.


Tailored Care Coordination

Our nurses, staff, and physicians of Private Medical are involved in all aspects of coordinating care. This includes scheduling medical and radiology appointments and seamless pharmacy refills. All staff at Private Medical are trained and certified in the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Service methodology.


Community of Experts

We have spent more than 20 years curating a far-reaching network of leading physicians and scientists across the United States and in key medical academic centers around the globe.


Private Medical Pharmacy Kit

We provide each family member with a personalized and compact selection of more than 30 prescription and over-the-counter medications for use at home or during travel to solve common health problems.


Medical Evacuation Services

We contract with an international medical evacuation service if our members must be transferred to a preferred hospital close to home.


Global Reach

We have a strong presence in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City. Additionally, we have preferred access to leading physicians in more than 200 cities worldwide, including nearly every global eco­nomic center and premier travel destination.


Billing Advocacy

Our advocacy service assists you with medical insurance reimbursement, helps resolve coverage disputes, and assists with billing coordination.


Relationship to Insurance

At Private Medical, we provide all the aforementioned services as part of our membership. Our members must have health insurance to cover hospitalizations, medications, specialist appointments, and procedures. Our membership fees are not covered by health insurance.