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Achieving Optimal Sleep Is About Trusting an Intuitive Process

Increasingly, the quality of one’s sleep is shown to be a biomarker for other health issues. Just like a body temperature, blood pressure, or respiratory rate that’s too high or too low, not getting enough or getting too much sleep can indicate or lead to other health effects. As a result of these findings, people have more awareness around the importance of sleep. Here, sleep medicine specialists Dr. Tony Masri and Dr. Britney Blair discuss how to achieve optimal sleep, including the use case for sleep aids, the effects of sex and alcohol, and embracing your own circadian rhythm.

The Wellness Field Is Using AI to Optimize Nutrition, Fitness, and More

Dr. Natalie Walsh discusses AI’s potential applications in lifestyle medicine.

Mindfulness, Meditation, and Psychedelics

This season on our podcast, Inside Medicine, we were honored to host three doctors who are leading the way in the fields of neuroscience, mental health, and mindfulness. Dr. Josh Woolley provided valuable insights on the topic of psychedelic therapy, while Dr. Jud Brewer shared his expertise on breaking unhealthy habits. Finally, Dr. Jay Sanguinetti explored the benefits of mindfulness and human connection. In the following section, we highlight the key takeaways from each of these esteemed experts.

The Future of Neuroscience Is Prediction Timing

A set of AR/VR goggles is changing the way we measure attention, learning, and performance.

The Myth of the Perfect Diet

Dr. Natalie Walsh on the science of what we eat.

Can Precision Medicine Incite the Revolution That Healthcare Is Looking For?

We have long been hearing about a future in which technology and data will deliver experiences that are tailored to who we are along with our needs and desires. In the world of consumer goods, this personalization trend has decidedly taken shape. Today, everything from sneakers to advertisements are being customized at scale. When it […]

What the Evidence Says About Longevity

The field of longevity medicine is just beginning to get its footing in science. Like any nascent and exciting field, there will be people who go all-in on the hype cycle – but it is important to reflect on the fact that, at the present moment, we are at the peak of inflated expectations. The promise […]

Psychedelics Make a Comeback

Clinical trials and novel treatments using psychedelics – what Private Medical is calling neurotherapeutics – have promising effects in treating depression, anxiety, substance use disorders, and more.

Fitness Is a Superpower

How incorporating all types of movement and exercise into your routine benefits much more than just your cardiovascular health.

What Is the Future of Longevity?

Dr. Jordan Shlain takes a look at what we know and don’t know about the science of longevity, diving into the claims that modern-day marketers are making about aging.

The Current State of the Pandemic

Our infectious disease specialist Dr. Geemee Chung on the Delta variant, breakthrough infections, vaccine boosters, and where we go from here.

The Future of Health in a Post-COVID, Data-Driven World

As we head out of the COVID pandemic, we’re taking with us many lessons about how to improve healthcare, chief among them the role of data. In a conversation with Edward Marshall, Global Head of the Dentons Family Office, and Dr. Christopher Sidford, a board-certified physician in emergency medicine, Dr. Jordan Shlain breaks down the new technology and insights we are moving forward with. This piece has been adapted from the Family Office Intel podcast.