A Medical Dispatch for Well Beings

Volume 4, Number 6 | December 2022

Can Precision Medicine Incite the Revolution That Healthcare Is Looking For?

We have long been hearing about a future in which technology and data will deliver experiences that are tailored to who we are along with our needs and desires. In the world of consumer goods, this personalization trend has decidedly taken shape. Today, everything from sneakers to advertisements are being customized at scale. When it […]

Expert Interview

Precision Medicine Turns One-Size-Fits-All Medicine on Its Head

In every issue, we interview experts from the Private Medical community, exploring the latest insights and questions about our everyday health. This month, the tables are turned on Private Medical founder Dr. Jordan Shlain as he takes questions in a discussion panel New Healthcare Normal: Precision, Anywhere, Whole Person. Joining Dr. Shlain are Dr. Joseph Kvedar of Mass General Brigham and professor of […]

Infectious Disease Update

COVID, RSV, & the Flu

COVID The BQ.1 and BQ.1.1 subvariants of Omicron (descendents of BA.5) are now the dominant strains of COVID pushing a new wave of infections this winter. The new COVID sublineages are not different enough from the original Omicron strain to be considered separate variants of concern. These subvariants are likely more resistant to the currently-used […]

Pediatrician’s Point of View

The Building Blocks for Connection

In his more than 20 years as a pediatrician, Dr. Kellen Glinder has seen kids’ behaviors change with the rise of smartphones and tablets. These devices that reward kids for avoiding boredom and difficult situations also inhibit interpersonal connection. In his new book, Teaching Kids to Pause, Cope, and Connect , coauthored with Dr. Mark Purcell, he offers strategies for social emotional learning – and recommends starting with these lessons young. Here, he details how technology affects kids’ moods, and shares a worksheet from the book that helps younger kids with body awareness and checking in with their emotions.

Clinical Spotlight

Dr. Colleen Ryan

Meet our newest LA-based doctor.